Welcome To QRAT

I welcome you to QRAT A Computer Group, Gomti Nagar Lucknow, U.P. India. The motto of QRAT is "Quick Response with Advance Technology". In QRAT we desire to fulfill the responsibility that society had conferred on us. QRAT is meant not just to produce competent professionals is in the field of designing & developing software, launching new courses for the upcoming generation but also providing job avenues to many according to their ability.

  • We wish to develop better Professional, Developer, Designers and entrepreneurs who can go on to be an asset to the society.
  • At the Institute we have created an atmosphere of perseverance and perfection.

Through the following pages you will get a glimpse of this institute but it would be better if you visit at our campus at Lucknow and Ambedkar Nagar and witness the action your self. Students and Corporate member come here not to gain a formal education but try to improve their quality of lives and also that of others.I would through this forum also invite students, developers, professionals from all walks of life from all over the world. To come and engage the community in your thoughts, actions and initiatives. For upcoming years QRAT as an organization is engaging itself with many universities.I hope you too would become our partner in the pursuit of improving the quality of life of every citizen.

QRAT came into being 1994 with full support of a large number of Technical Institutes in the Govt. & Non Govt.Sector that are engaged in Computer / Information Technology. Department of Science & Technology supported 'QRAT' For Incrimination of Various Software Training program to generate job opportunities among the emerging Entrepreneurs in the field of Information Technology. U.P.Govt. also authorizes 'QRAT' for training of govt. employees.QRAT' is a group of consultants, professionals & system executives engaged in:

  • Conducting training for the executives.
  • Conducting training for the students.
  • Software & Website Development.
  • Electronic Data processing.
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance.
  • Consultancy.
  • Study and Survey.


  • To develop the software as per the requirement of the user.
  • To generate employment avenues and self-employment ventures for minorities.
  • To launch training of the Official / Executives of the user (IT), Institutions.
  • To provide maintenance services of the computers.
  • Technical Consultancy and Placement services.
  • To impart education on the use of computers of latest technology.









Our Experts

We have put together a team of expert professionals in their fields to ensure the very best solutions for our clients and training & education to our students



She is an experienced trainer



15+ years of experience in state of the art application development



15+ years of experience in web application development and ecommerce solutions



Ask him anything anytime and he is always ready with an answer